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Earn Crypto By Competing

Earn Free Cryptocurrencies More Easily

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5,987 users

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Faucet Manual Claim

Claim 0.001 USD every 10 Minutes With No Limit, & participate in the weekly faucet contest.

Referral System

Invite your friends and earn 25% of their earning, You need to active daily to get referral rewards.

Shortlinks Wall

Click shortlinks to earn money and energy.


View PTC ads to earn money.


Buy lottery and earn big reward every 3 days.

Daily Missions

Claim and complete Daily Missions, earn up to 2 USD & 2000 energy every day.


Complete tasks, surveys to earn money, & participate in the weekly offerwall contest.

Auto Claim

Use Energy to run Auto Faucet, Earn money just by leaving the Auto Faucet running .

Level System

Level up your account to earn more, & participate in the weekly activity contest.

Weekly Contest

We reward high to top activity users and top referral user weekly.

Payment methods

Cryptocurrencies Supported


Dogecoin - FaucetPay


Tron - FaucetPay


Digibyte -FaucetPay


Dash - FaucetPay

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Payment Proofs

# Username Address Amount
5192RMDiniz1974XvaPRhz3DMf5kvXfLzRyWSJaGauA9ufgdb0.5 USD
5191RMDiniz1974DTF8EJ2GFB4MdnyWSg97GarM2yqkYUvXKP0.3 USD
5190Ramchescopycattutorial@gmail.com0.30597 USD
5189ArisbpDK9yYXmEMakfo8CsxhEN5KQcaFne9gdUXj0.34195 USD
5188lamasterok3EbL3NGv9JbyUyYRox8mhRob5kvDoyx5kA1 USD
5187PiscesDDj49APLvJMpzwKsEYxxwNn46kPSybj2kR0.3336 USD
5186Sato46TVghhCrhhvTPQVqagyqo4h38voNDgCsLPd0.456 USD
5185ebensantosaDPmCEtPBGtYheBLwvkhngb8mdm4921kJTK0.3 USD
5184ebensantosaDPmCEtPBGtYheBLwvkhngb8mdm4921kJTK0.3 USD
5183ebensantosaDPmCEtPBGtYheBLwvkhngb8mdm4921kJTK0.323449 USD
5182Rahman07TWuqUJ6X26XUSyJZtGMgQFQE2kbfU4pbbj0.30641 USD
5181MIHAIL429DKQLfrbRAFSaPh3zxEGCCKs8rbwz8SRejw0.5 USD
5180MIHAIL429DKQLfrbRAFSaPh3zxEGCCKs8rbwz8SRejw0.5 USD
5179sahin012DMY2yEViEY9aWq2mD5hQQTrZ6iosFTAwnH0.39131 USD
5178absianturi163AKFgYipTs6eMEEXwoPpzruu9MoJgdHiS21 USD
5177EfrilliaDDT8sxLe4gn7Vsh6dQxtpMusGPQPVXBnvx1 USD
5176Joehart20DMUnRrNPfB7QedcDgS9d22yqkdpN2v2y4h0.30804 USD
5175luckyque22DLfdGiKFcpX8w6KGdnFkJ1yqXtwN5veQcK0.31533 USD
5174luckyque22DLfdGiKFcpX8w6KGdnFkJ1yqXtwN5veQcK0.3 USD
5173luckyque22DLfdGiKFcpX8w6KGdnFkJ1yqXtwN5veQcK0.3 USD